State of the souls in Purgatory in relation to us

– They are united to us by the bonds of charity –

Remember that we are bonded to those holy souls by a Divine spiritual chain. Just like us, they were created in the image of God, bought by the Precious Blood of Jesus, regenerated by the water of baptism. They have been carried by the same bosom as us, that of the Church: we are children of the same mother. Like us, and perhaps at our very side, they sat at the holy Table where they received that sacred promise of eternal life. They brought with them into the next life the same hopes, which appease our own sorrow during our pilgrimage here on earth. Members of the same Body, inheritors of the same Kingdom, they shall one day be our eternal companions. But between them and us, there is that difference in that they are sad, captive, prisoners, martyrs, and powerless at relieving their own suffering. They now must wait for our help and consolation. We must assist them.

Do they not have the right then to expect our love and compassion? If the children of one family love each other tenderly, if the pains of one become the suffering of another, wouldn’t it be the same for the members of the Church? Where would our charity be if we didn’t love those poor souls, abandoned in their torment? Is it possible for us as humans and Christians to be insensitive to their plight? Let us love them as ourselves! Let us love them as Jesus has loved us. We will thus bring them relief and liberation.

My dear children, wrote the apostle John shortly before his death, let us not only love by our words but truly, by our actions.

– They are united to us by the bonds of brotherhood –

Among the voices calling us, do you not hear the voice of a brother, of a sister, of a child, a spouse whom love had united and death had separated, the voice of a mother, a father whose blood courses in your veins? That blood, that family, what do they say? Come to my aid: I have been calling you for so long. You are all I have and yet you do not come. Come then with your heart, with your prayer, with your charity, with your devotion. Come and remove me from this flaming pit. Come and give me Heaven, God, Eternity. Come!

How can we resist that distress call, that urgent plea? Is it possible that we might have contributed to the increase of time spent in Purgatory of those who have loved us so much?

– Example –

In 1864 a Jewish artist converted during a homily on the Holy Eucharist. After being baptized he retired to a very austere monastery where he finally died. He spent many hours every day before the Blessed Sacrament and in his effusions of fervour, he asked Our Lord especially for his mother’s conversion. He did not obtain it and his mother finally died. Pierced by a sharp and bitter dagger of remorse, that faithful son went and knelt before the tabernacle and giving way to his grief, said, Lord, it is true, I owe you everything, but what have I refused you? My youth, my hopes, my well being, family ties, a legitimate retreat. I sacrificed everything when you called me. I would have given even my blood had you asked. Now You, Lord, You eternal Goodness who promised to give back one hundred-fold. You have refused my mother’s soul! My God, I am dying to that martyrdom, my breath escapes me.

Tears were strangling that poor heart. Suddenly, a mysterious voice struck the man’s ear. It said, Man of little faith, your mother is saved. Know that prayer has all power over me. I gathered all those you offered for your mother and my Providence held an account of it in her final hour. As she was breathing her last, she saw me and cried out, ‘My Lord and My God!’ So gather up your courage: your mother has avoided damnation and your prayers and fervent supplications will soon free her soul from the prison of Purgatory”.

Father Hermann learned soon after in another vision that his mother was now in Heaven. Let us pray for our deceased parents!

Let Us Pray

Have mercy, Lord, on the souls you have united to mine by such close and tender bonds and by whom you commanded me to love and to honour. Yes Lord, have mercy on the souls of my parents, my benefactors and friends. Lord allow us to bend your mercy for them with our prayers and our tears. Oh Jesus! Oh Mary! Be their Conciliators! Call your children and our brethren to that land of refreshing light and peace!

Let Us Pray

Lord, hear the prayers we will offer up to you every day of this month for the consolation of our deceased brothers and sisters and grant them a place of refreshing light and peace! Hear also the prayers which those souls will offer up to you for our intention that we might ultimately obtain, through their intercession, the graces for which we pray for.