Who’s Speaking?

Discerning the Good Shepherd’s Voice from that of the Stranger

Lee says: “For the Christian, Jesus is presented to us in many different ways, but how do we know when He is really speaking to us? Fr. Ermatinger’s book, “Who’s Speaking?”, goes a long way to decluttering and simplifying the task of figuring out which voice it is that we should be following. Pulling from Scripture and the spiritual writers of the Church, Fr. Ermatinger’s work is a needed guide for those seeking to listen and know Jesus more.”

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The Trouble With Magic

David says: “This may be Fr. Ermatinger’s best work yet. Solidly-researched and well-documented, it is a much-needed antidote to the misplaced trust in the “power” of magic and other cheap counterfeits of the real power of God’s grace.

A challenging, but delightful read. Highly recommended!”

If You knew the Gift of God

Mary says: “This book is one of the most extensive and yet easy-to-read books on Grace on the market. Fr. Cliff has composed a fantastic study on what grace is, how it effects us, and how we can best cooperate with it in our lives. With grace being the life of God in our souls, why wouldn’t one want to become an expert on it? This book gives the tools to do exactly that. It is easy to understand and can benefit anyone who chooses to unlock the treasure contained in its pages. I highly recommend it!”

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The Devil’s Role in the Spiritual Life

Dave says: “Brilliant, clear, relevant, and informative. The devil’s favorite tactic of staying hidden is thoroughly unmasked here as Ermatinger deftly notes the devil’s activity in our daily lives, showing how, where and why he is so effective in misguiding us from our eternal home. I looked, but didn’t see (of course…) a review from Lucifer, but I expect he wouldn’t this even rate one star.”

El Papel del Demonio en la Vida Espiritual

JV says: “Tuve la oportunidad de leer este libro del P. Cliff Ermatinger y habla con una claridad y facilidad de leer, pero sobre todo, tiene un profundo conocimiento de las etapas de la vida espiritual y también cómo el demonio puede entorpecer nuestro crecimiento espiritual, debido a que entre más cercano estemos del amor De Dios nuestro Señor, el posible daño que pueda ejercer en nuestra vida será menor, y por lo mismo tendría que trabajar más fuerte para debilitar nuestro crecimiento espiritual.

He leído varios libros de Cliff y siempre me a aportado algo nuevo a mi crecimiento espiritual.”

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Common Nonsense

MM says: “The author does a great job debunking common fallacies in a witty and engaging manner. His style is funny, to the point, logical and well thought out. An excellent read for anyone concerned with the moral relativism which is rampant in our society or anyone who is honestly searching for truth.”

Letters from the Desert

Fernando says: Magnificent collectanea of writings from some of the most prominent Greek fathers in a accurate and careful translation. The texts, gathered in two sections — First Century, and Second Century — are displayed by themes, and were chosen with much discernment. A good help in our relationship with God.”

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Rescued from Satan:

MH says: “In a society that can be obsessed with the occult, this book shares the horrible reality of true Satanic possession from an expert point of view. Unlike other books of a similar theme, this book simultaneously keeps an equal, if not greater, focus on the hope and beauty of God working in these people’s lives. Amidst the terrible suffering endured by these souls, this book beautifully stresses the power of God’s grace, and the power of many day to day prayers/items we may often take for granted. It opens one’s eyes to the larger supernatural reality that surrounds us in our everyday lives. I recommend it 100%!”

101 Preguntas sobre la Oración y sus respuestas dadas por San Agustín)

JVBR says “Extraordinario libro!!! Una vez más, el P. Cliff Ermatinger nos regala un gran documento espiritual. Las 101 preguntas son una serie pautas concretas, claras y sencillas de cómo vivir nuestra fe. Una gran vivencia espiritual, aplicada en nuestra vida diaria.”

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Oraciones de Liberación y Sanación

JC says: “Un buen libro y excelente en su contenido, de acuerdo al magisterio de ma iglesia católica.
Ya son pocos los sacerdotes que hablan del demonio, pero por qué no se predique previniendo, no quiere decir que no exista.”