The movement of the human soul, and human society in general, from its fallen chaotic state towards divine order is at the heart of the Blog of Padre Pio Press. Writings, ponderings, and reflections on this movement of the soul are authored by Fr. Cliff Ermatinger and by the occasional Guest Contributor. These are categorized as the below to help assist the reader according to their interests.


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Resisting Absolute Chaos

Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost — Homily by Fr. Ermatinger

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Transcription of Audio

Christ Among the Pharisees, Jacob Jordaen, c. 1660-70

Translation of the […]

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Belgian Waffling

Those stalwart Belgian prelates have really done it. Actually, they only have kind of done it. Who likes a half-baked waffle anyway?

Their patriarchal minds are still half-closed. Pity.

Although we all appreciate their attempt at blessing same-sex unions, one is forced to ask, “why should blessings be confined to them?” in other words, why blessings only for sodomites but not for everyone? After all, we all need accompaniment – except those, you know… Trads.

Of course, these blessings can’t be distributed without true accompaniment and discernment which ought to be accompanied by accompaniment. After all, we have standards. Fidelity is the word.

Just imagine what those close-minded Flems couldn’t imagine: arsonists who faithfully pledge their […]

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