Third means of comforting the souls in Purgatory: Holy Communion

– Sacramental communion –

When we have the joy of receiving communion, we become united to Jesus Christ in a manner so intimate that like the apostle, we can cry out, It is no longer I who live but Jesus Christ who lives in me. Our flesh becomes his flesh. His Heart makes ours beat. His Blood flows in our veins, his Divinity dwells in us. He looks through our eyes, He dilates our heart. In that happy moment, envied by Angels, even without words it is easy for us to speak to God, to tell him with even more confidence than the prophet. O God, Protector of the afflicted, look down on me. You will see the face of your Christ; it is no longer I who speak and who pray, it is Jesus, your own Son, who speaks and prays through me; it is He who is asking for my mother’s liberation, the liberation of the poor abandoned souls. I am certain, O merciful Father, that you will not reject these just supplications, because the face, the prayers, the tears, the blood of Jesus Christ, have an allpowerful voice that appeases your Justice and obtains forgiveness!

Let us often receive communion for those souls we love and who no longer share the joy of participating in the Eucharistic Banquet. How ardently they await a refreshing and liberating mist that only Christ’s Blood can give. Soon will begin for them the eternal communion and they will go and contemplate the Saviour, the Bread of Life. They will adore Him and bless Him and will sing His praise forever

– Spiritual communion –

If you cannot receive sacramental communion, that is to receive the Body and Blood of Christ during holy Mass, you can at least receive spiritual communion.

This consists in having an ardent desire of uniting oneself to the Divine Saviour and of receiving his Spirit and his Graces. It is such a salvific practice for the living and the dead that St. Liguori went so far as to say that we obtain as much and even more grace from this practice than if we received sacramental communion with indifference. It also has the advantage of being available to us every day, no matter the hour, no matter the place, be it profane or sacred.

It is a simple, easy and powerful means for us to bring relief to the deceased.

Make this spiritual communion every time you visit the Blessed Sacrament.

Here is the formula you can use:

My Jesus! I believe that You are present; I love You. I desire to receive You in heart and spirit, and I await the moment when I will be able to receive You in the Eucharist. Bless me Lord and bless those poor suffering souls in Purgatory. Yes Lord, call your childen and our brethren to eternal rest and may the light that never dies shine upon them! May they rest in peace!

– Example –

Louis de Bois, famous master of the spiritual life and a man of remarkable wisdom, relates the following. A pious servant of God, whom he knew and loved, was visited by a soul from Purgatory and that soul showed him all the torments he had to endure. He was being punished for having received Holy Communion with very little preparation and with indifference. That is why the Book of Wisdom had condemned him to the flames, which devoured him. I am asking you who were my intimate friend and who must still be, to receive Holy Communion in my name and to do so with all the fervour and charity you can. I am sure that that fervent communion will suffice for my liberation and will compensate for my guilty indifferences.

This servant of God hastened to attend a holy Mass and to receive communion piously for the repose of his friend’s soul. After prayers of thanksgiving, that soul appeared to him once again, bathed in an indescribable light, happy and full of gratitude, Be blessed my best friend, your communion has delivered me and I am about to see my adorable Master face to face.

Let us remember the advice of St. Bonaventure, May charity lead you to communion often, for there is no more efficient means of obtaining eternal rest for the deceased.

Let Us Pray

O my God, Your Justice retains the souls of my loved ones, but You ask that I should eat the Bread of Angels so that You can open the gates of Paradise for them. Be blessed Father of Mercy and I promise that I will endeavour to receive Holy Communion often in favour of those blessed souls in Purgatory. You will then see Your Son Jesus in me and my voice, covered by His, will rise up to You and will more surely obtain the graces I am asking. O Jesus, be their Conciliator. May they rest in Peace!

Let Us Pray

Lord, hear the prayers we will offer up to you every day of this month for the consolation of our deceased brothers and sisters and grant them a place of refreshing light and peace! Hear also the prayers which those souls will offer up to you for our intention that we might ultimately obtain, through their intercession, the graces for which we pray for.