La prière, église Saint-Bonnet, Léon Augustin Lhermitte, Unknown (19th-20th c.)

THERE IS a striking and mysterious similarity between the mortal life of Jesus Christ and His sacramental life.

During His mortal life, from the Crib to the Cross, from His Birth to His Ascension, Jesus Christ lived on earth in poverty, in an almost unbroken silence, in every description of suffering, unknown, despised, neglected by nearly all mankind; and at last He was most cruelly put to death, enduring unheard-of torments.

Is it not the same in the sacramental life of our Divine Saviour? The same silence, the same poverty, the same life, hidden, neglected, outraged, despised, even crucified, when a person sacrilegiously approaches the altar and receives unworthily the Sacred Host. Very few men knew and loved Jesus Christ during His mortal life. One only perfectly understood His Sacred Heart, one only was entirely faithful to Him, from the first moment that she bore Him in her chaste womb, until the day when she saw Him disappear forever from the earth:

Mary, His Holy Mother, the Immaculate Virgin.

And during the sacramental life of Jesus Christ, a life at once mysterious, indescribable, incomprehensible, which is to last until the end of the world, the light to enlighten the darkness of time until the dawn of the bright day of eternity-during this sacramental life who are they who understand, love, adore, and serve faithfully the Sacred Heart of our Saviour upon the silent altars?

The Child of Mary Before Jesus Abandoned in the Tabernacle, 11th ed., pgs. 5-7.