The Divine Mind has made itself known to creation ever since In the beginning. God has given the entirely of the cosmos form, meaning, and order – as a reflection of Himself. More than an act of divine reason, this divine Logos is a divine Person, revealed to us in Jesus Christ – the eternal Son of God.

As munificent, omnipotent, and merciful, our Lord, the Logos, allows for some chaos in His plan. Indeed, with regard to us, He even incorporates it into the plan. Original sin, the Fall, and salvation history prove that. O, felix culpa. Ever since then, our lot has been to cleave to His plan, the Logos, and stave off chaos as best we can, even as we recognize its pervasiveness in the created world.

This blog presents divine Order interacting with our chaos in the form of  musings, critiques,  and reflections on our identity along the following lines:


Order with Chaos


Chaos Seeking Order


Divine Order Offered
to Restore Order


Resisting Absolute Chaos