Twenty-Seventh Day

Eighth means of relieving the souls in Purgatory: Heroic acts of charity

– Its nature –

A heroic action consists in abandoning into Our Lady’s hands for the souls in Purgatory, all good deeds, even those done for us by others, before and after our death.

On November 20, 1854, Pope Pius IX recommended that act in a decree to […]

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Last Sunday After Pentecost – A Message From St. John Chrysostom

Statue of Christ the King, Unknown

Translation From the Holy Gospel According to Matthew

At that time, Jesus said to His disciples: When you shall see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (he that reads, let him understand:) then they that are in […]

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Twenty-Sixth Day

Seventh means of relieving the souls in Purgatory – Indulgences 

– How precious they are –

Our sins are so serious and grievous, our reparations so slight, that we could not acquit the temporal debt of these sins in this world if the Church did not assist our weaknesses by opening up the treasure chest of indulgences.

This is an […]

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Twenty-Fifth Day

Sixth means of relieving the souls in Purgatory: The Way of the Cross

– It is the Way to Heaven for the living –

This devotion, so great for the memories it awakens, so precious for the advantages it procures, is the most efficient means of conquering our passions and is the surest way of arriving at the summit of perfection. With every […]

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Twenty-Fourth Day

Fifth means of relieving the souls in Purgatory: Suffering

– Voluntary suffering –

Let us relieve the souls in Purgatory, said St. Chrysostome; let us bring them relief through everything which grieves us; for God applies to the dead, the merits of the living. Suffering! It is the great atonement which the Lord asks of those indebted to His Justice; we suffer for […]

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Twenty-Third Day

Fourth means of relieving the souls in Purgatory: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

– It is offered by Jesus Christ –

Of all the means we have indicated so far for the relief of souls in Purgatory, none is as powerful, as efficient as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is a very consoling article of our faith. The reason for […]

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