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St. Augustine, How Should We Praise God For His Gifts?

Question 041. Part II What is praise? See whether this man, upon meditating on your works, has turned his gaze towards the works and away from the Worker.  Observe whether or not he has descended from the Maker of all things to the things he has made.  For what he has made has been made as a ladder to ascend to him, not descend from him.  For if you love these things more than you [...]

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Remote Preparation for Mental Prayer: Forgiveness Received and Extended

Cain Slaying Abel, Maxim Sheshukov, Unknown Originally Published at TAN Direction A young associate pastor once told me that when he would go to adoration or attempt mental prayer he would often see the angry face of his pastor in his mind. I suggested he forgive his pastor for whatever offenses he had committed and, obstacle removed, his prayer would be freed up to make progress. Why this intimate connection between forgiveness and mental prayer? [...]

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