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The Trouble With Magic — A Talk by Fr. Ermatinger

Pinned Post The Trouble With Magic A Talk Given by Fr. Ermatinger Outline of Talk Introduction: 0:00-0:51 The Notion of Superstition, Idolatry, Magic: 0:51-1:10 Principles The Notion of the One and the Many in Pagan Writers: 1:10-2:30 Seeking Unifying Principle Catholic Unifying Principle: 2:30-6:20 Logos: The Mind of God: 2:30-6:20 Michelangelo's Creation of Adam: 2:38-4:15 Logos in Scripture: 4:15-6:20 Ephesians Colossians Christological Hymn: The One and the Many All Saved by the Passion of Christ: [...]

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