The Goal of the Spiritual Life

The Purgative Way: Part I

Part I of a Lecture Series Given by Fr. Ermatinger

St. Gertrude, Miguel Cabrera, 1763
Saint Lawrence of Brindisi, Unknown

Outline Of Talk

The Purgative Way Part I

  • Introduction: 0:00-0:44
  • The Itinerary of the Spiritual Life: 0:44-2:55
    • Three Stages In the Traditions of the East and West: 0:44-1:57
      • Following Pseudo-Dionysius, Augustine, Aquinas, John of the Cross, Teressa of Avila : 1:57-2:55
        • Using Western Terms of Purgative, Illuminative, Unitive
  • Veritatis Splendor: 2:55-5:05
  • Approaching Stages through Lesne of John of the Cross and Teresa of Avala: 5:05-6:54
    • Carmelite School: 5:40-6:12
    • St. Thomas Aquinas: 6:12-6:54
  • Intellectual Vision of St. Teresa: 6:54-11:00
    • Types of Vision: Corporal, Imaginative, Intellectual: 6:58-11:00
      • The Intellectual Vision of the Interior Castle: 10:20-11:00
  • Two Types of Souls Outside of the Castle: 11:00-12:47
    • Hardened Sinners
    • Those Not Living the Faith but Who Haven’t Renounced It
  • First Mansion: 12:47-24:50
    • Beginners: 12:47-14:44
    • Two Poles Determine Where One is At: 14:44-18:50
      • Prayer
      • Vice/Virtue
    • Penance and Mortification Are Necessary to Understand How the Devil Works: 18:50-23:50
      • Dominance of Natural Virtue over Supernatural Virtue
    • Symptomology: 23:50-24:50
      • Infrequent Mental Prayer
      • Venereal Sins Are Regular
      • Possibility of Falling into Mortal Sin
  • Second Mansion — Souls Do Everything Possible to Avoid Grave Sin / Certain Ease: 24:50-37:50
    • Consistency in Mental Prayer: 26:40-28:55
    • Difficult Memories in Prayer: 28:55-32:00
    • Faith Purifies Intellect, Hope Purifies Memory, Charity Purifies Will: 32:00-34:00
    • End of 1st to Start of 2st: More Affective Prayer 34:00-34:50
    • Second Mansion — Tougher but Surer: 34:50-37:50
      • Suffer From Hearing but not Following Christ Perfectly: 36:50-37:50
  • Summary of Things So Far: 37:50-42:08
  • Challenges: 42:08-46:15
    • Pride, Spiritual Adultery (Seeking Consolation in Prayer)
    • Stumbling Blocks to Union with God — Intellect, Willed Senses, and Imagination
  • Next Time — What is Proper to Purification?: 46:15-46:53


Icon of St. John Resting His Head Upon Christ’s Breast

— Fr. Ermatinger

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