The Goal of the Spiritual Life

Memory and Virtue

Part III of a Lecture Series Given by Fr. Ermatinger

Landauer Altar, Albrecht Dürer, 1511

Outline Of Talk

Memory and Virtue

  • Embarking On a life of Prayer: 0:00-0:35
  • Enemy Has Access to One’s Memory: 0:35-1:20
  • Common Tactic to Hinder One’s Growth Through Memories of Past Injuries/Injustices: 1:20-1:50
  • Solution: Purify Memory Not to Forget: 1:50-11:45
    • See the Memory Through Eyes of Christ: 2:10-11:45
      • St. Thomas Aquinas — Holding On to A Disordered Memory Can Cause Perverse Joy From One’s Sorrow: 2:46-11:45
        • Forgive 70 Times 70: 3:15-3:40
        • Crazy Distracting Thoughts: 3:40-8:16
              • Sometimes God, Sometimes Devil, Sometimes Just Us
            • Discouragement is a Sign of Vanity: 4:18-4:40
            • Dealing With Unwilled Distractions: 4:40-8:16
              • Acknowledge: 4:50-5:30
              • Grow in Self-Possession 5:30-6:47
                • We Cannot Do Anything to Love Him More Or Less: 6:07-6:47
              • Place Them in the Context of Jesus Christ: 6:47-8:16
                • Accept What He Says: 7:45-8:16
                  • An Existential Openness
        • Pope Benedict XVI Quote: 8:16-8:50
        • Aside: Medical Doctor Who Became A Lay Hermit: 8:50-10:57
          • Need to be Absolutely Open and receptive in prayer
        • If God Asks of Us, He Gives the Grace to Do It: 10:57-11:45
          • Meditation: CCC 2705: 11:22-11:45
  • St. John of The Cross: Theological Virtue Attributed to Each Facility: 11:45-12:50
    • Intellect — Faith
    • Will — Charity
    • Memory — Hope
  • What is Hope? 12:50-17:17
    • Hope is Anchored in the Past Via a Promise that Looks Towads a Future Fulfillment: 14:00-16:13
    • Faith, Hope, and Charity do not Permit Moderation: 16:13-17:17
  • Devil has Access to the Memory — Most Physical Part of the Mind: 17:17-21:40
    • Wants to Exploit Memories and Why They Need Healing: 18:08-21:40
  • See That Christ Was Present With One and Suffering With One: 21:40-25:4
    • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Joy: 23:15-25:4
      • Christ Healing the Memory
  • Eve and the Fruit of the Tree: Fragmentation of Memory: 25:40-27:00
    • Disordered Memory Leads to Sinful Tendencies: 26:20-27:00
  • Overcoming Tendencies: Grace -> Prayer -> Virtue: 27:00-39:54
    • Idea Must Become Act: A Program that is Written Out: 27:30-39:54
      • Tithing of Our Time: 30:00-30:38
      • Figure Out Our Dominate Fault: 30:38-33:50
      • What are 5 Manifestations of that Dominant Fault?: 33:50-34:40
      • Counter Virtue to Practice: 34:40-38:30
      • A Particular Examination of Conscience vs A General Examination: 38:30-39:54
  • Life of Grace, the Life of Prayer, the Life of Virtue: 39:54-40:18
Icon of St. John Resting His Head Upon Christ’s Breast

— Fr. Ermatinger

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