The Goal of the Spiritual Life

Passive Night of the Senses

Part VI of a Lecture Series Given by Fr. Ermatinger

Penitent Saint Peter, Jusepe de Ribera, ca. 1628-32

Outline Of Talk

Passive Night of the Senses

  • Introduction and Prayers: 0:00-0:36
  • Recap: 0:36-2:25
  • Passive Night of the Senses (Still Purgative Stage): 2:25-3:18
  • Three Enemies: World, Flesh, Devil: 3:18-8:25
    • Need to Channel Passions and the Flesh to Service of the Lord: 4:00-4:50
    • Necessary Purgation Prior to Advancement: 4:50-6:25
      • Talking About “Disorder In” When Flesh or Passions Is Said: 6:25-7:42
      • State of Divorce of Body and Soul Needs Resolving: 7:42-8:25
  • Attached to the Things of the Lord: 8:25-11:40
    • These too Can Become Disordered Attachments: 8:36-9:3
    • God Gives Consolations to Weak Souls: 9:35-11:40
      • Sensations Should Not Be Sought As Ends:
  • Spiritual Disorders: 11:40-33:13
    • Often Unaware of Our Spiritual Disorders: 11:40-13:00
    • Spiritual Pride: 13:00-17:00
      • Self-Satisfaction: 14:25-16:00
      • Supererogation – Trying To Do Too Much: 16:00-17:00
    • Spiritual Lust: 17:00-23:15
      • Spiritual Relationship Turned into Romantic Relationship: 18:40-20:39
      • Fear Can Keep Us From Prayer: 20:39-21:52
      • St. Teresa of Avila: 21:52-23:15
        • No Carmelite Priests for Her Nuns
    • Spiritual Anger: 23:15-25:55
      • Feelings and Emotions are Not Spiritual Consolations or Desolations: 24:04-24:30
      • Those who Coddle the Senses are Often Irascible: 24:30-25:25
      • Beginners Can Be Too Patient: 25:25-25:55
    • Spiritual Gluttony: 25:55-27:22
      • Devil Can Create False Consolations: 26:41-26:55
      • Differences Between True and False 26:55-27:22
    • Spiritual Envy: 27:22-28:14
    • Spiritual Sloth: 28:14-33:13
  • Passive Night of the Senses: 33:13-44:46
    • Lord Weans Us off Of What Satisfies Our Senses: 33:51-36:05
    • Signs of this Purgation: 36:05-38:50
      • No Deliberate Attachments
      • Actively Applying the Principles of the Ascetical Life
      • No Pleasure in Creatures Or Things of God
      • Thinking About God Practicing the Presence of God
    • Aridity is not Exausting But Strengthens: 38:50-41:13
      • Quietism Is Not Prayer: 39:37-41:13
    • Prayer of Simplicity: 41:13-43:54
      • (Is Not Mystical Prayer)
      • Simple Loving Regard of the Lord
    • Our Task Is to Be Attentive to What the Lord Is Calling Us Towards: 43:54-44:46
  • Next Time: 44:46-46:18
Icon of St. John Resting His Head Upon Christ’s Breast

— Fr. Ermatinger


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