Active Purification of the Spirit

Part VIII of a Lecture Series Given by Fr. Ermatinger

Moonlit Lake with a Ruined Gothic Church, a Church and Boatmen, Sebastian Pether, cir. early 18th c.

Outline of Talk

  • Last Time: Beginnings of Contemplation: 0:00-00:34
    • Book Recommendation: Jordan Aumann, Spiritual Theology (CLICK FOR PDF OF BOOK): 00:34-1:05
    • Recap of Last Time: Act of Contemplation: 1:05-6:00
      • Unmistakable Experience of God’s Presence
        • Will Not Last Longer Than the Desire of the Holy Spirit
        • Knowledge of God is Obscure
  • Active Night of the Spirit: 6:00-9:28
    • Approaching the Illuminative Way
    • Corresponds to 3rd and 4th Mansions in St. Teresa of Avila: 6:35-7:41
    • Active and Passive Purification of Senses: 7:41-9:28
      • What We Impose
      • What God Takes Away
      • Include Spiritual Goods that Bring Material Joy: 8:36-8:46
      • Attachment to Consolation Hinders Progress: 8:46-9:03
      • Radical Living of Theological Virtues: 9:03-9:28
  • Active Purification of Spiritual Life: 9:28-36:14
    • What One Does to Further Their Advancement
    • One’s Initial First Conversion: 10:13-11:40
    • Consolations Need to Fall Away: 11:40-15:45
      • Moving From Is This a Sin? to Does This Give God Glory?: 11:40-12:12
      • God Takes Away Joy in Material and Spiritual Things: 12:12-13:50
        • Progress Through Perseverance and Fidelity
      • Obscure Knowledge of God is Greater Certainty Than Previous Sensory Images: 13:50-15:20
      • Immediacy of God Purifies: 15:20-15:45
    • Theological Virtues Purify Particular Faculties: 15:45-32:48
      • Faith –> Intellect
      • Hope –> Memory:  16:07-25:07
        • Radical Forgiveness is Necessary
        • A Process of “Forgetting”: 20:27-21:20
          • Not Possessed by Past Experiences
        • Memory of Past Wounds: 21:20-25:07
          • Opportunity for Forgiveness
            • 3-Fold Act of Forgiveness
            • Holding On to Wounds Can Be an Exaggerated Form of Justice: 22:00-23:42
          • God Is the Real Protagonist of the Story: 23:42-23:55
          • “Impoverishment” of the Memory: 23:55-25:07
            • St. Thomas: Everything I Wrote Is Straw: 24:29-25:07**
      • Charity –> Will: 25:07-31:07**
        • Obedience and Charity Are Two Sides of One Coin: 25:47-27:07**
        • Things are Rightly Ordered: Passions–> Will–> Intellect: 29:40-30:04**
        • Charity Illumined Tempers the Passions: 30:04-31:07
      • Progression Increases to Circumspection: 31:07-32:48
        • Purpose: Union with Christ in Contemplation: 31:28-32:48
    • Distractions During Mental Prayer, Adoration, Mass Are Indicators of Disorders: 32:48-33:31
    • Persevere in the Path with Patience: 33:31-36:14
      • Discouragement is a Sign of Vanity: 33:28-34:38
      • God Brings This About Through Temptations, Crosses, Sufferings, Humiliations: 34:38-36:14
        • Opportunity for Great Holiness or Mediocrity: 35:15-35:43
        • God Does Not Desire Evil for Us but There is Permissive Will: 35:43-36:14
          • For Our Purification
          • Opportunities for Virtue
  • Next Time: Continuation of the Illuminative Way: 36:14-36:48
    • Particularities of 3rd and 4th Mansions
      • Dangers Therein
**Note: Digital Audio Errors in Original Audio File: 24:40-30:00
St. John Resting His Head Upon Christ’s Breast

— Fr. Ermatinger

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