Quinquagesima Sunday — A Message From St. Pope Gregory the Great

Healing Of The Blind Man Of Jericho, Codex Egberti Fol031, cir. 980- 993

Translation of the Holy Gospel According to Luke

At that time Jesus took unto Him the twelve and said to them: Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and all things shall be accomplished which were written by the Prophets concerning the Son of Man. For He shall be delivered to the Gentiles, and shall […]

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Mein Krampf

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Mein Krampf

Because Padre Pio Press is such a prestigious voice in all things, it ought not surprise our reader that from time to time, even the great shepherds of the Church (especially the German ones) seek it out for spiritual direction, solutions to theological conundrums, sage counsel of the sartorial sort, and insider tips for the racetrack.

Most recently, a team […]

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Maricopa, Maricopa, Mari Maxima Copa

Well, that was a close one.

The scoreboard seemed to have a glitch at the beginning of the game since the people in charge of keeping score (naïve newbies, no doubt) were simply adding corresponding points to baskets made. What a bunch of maroons. That was quickly fixed and now your betters can go about the onerous task of choreographing your American Dream so you don’t have to. Nonetheless, […]

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Come Gather ’round People, PLEASE Heed the Call…


About 25 years ago, I was on a Northbound train returning from Bavaria to the Eifel, just south of Cologne. On it was a group of +70-year-old German men, all dressed like gangstas, complete with colorful tracksuits, numerous gold chains, flat-brimmed lids cocked to the side or on backward, and sporting expensive sneakers that would have been the envy of every hoodlum in da ‘hood — had these […]

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Belgian Waffling

Those stalwart Belgian prelates have really done it. Actually, they only have kind of done it. Who likes a half-baked waffle anyway?

Their patriarchal minds are still half-closed. Pity.

Although we all appreciate their attempt at blessing same-sex unions, one is forced to ask, “why should blessings be confined to them?” in other words, why blessings only for sodomites but not for everyone? After all, we all […]

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An Exorcist Goes to the Movies

What better way to inaugurate a blog than to have a guest writer? Per his request, he shall remain anonymous.

Coming home from the office after a hard day’s work presents several possible scenarios for the today’s modern exorcist (henceforth known as TME):

Tune up the cello and saw off an homage to Johann Sebastian B.;

Uncase the ukulele and sing a verse of “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” […]

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