Maricopa, Maricopa, Mari Maxima Copa

Well, that was a close one.

The scoreboard seemed to have a glitch at the beginning of the game since the people in charge of keeping score (naïve newbies, no doubt) were simply adding corresponding points to baskets made. What a bunch of maroons. That was quickly fixed and now your betters can go about the onerous task of choreographing your American Dream so you don’t have to. Nonetheless, […]

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Come Gather ’round People, PLEASE Heed the Call…


About 25 years ago, I was on a Northbound train returning from Bavaria to the Eifel, just south of Cologne. On it was a group of +70-year-old German men, all dressed like gangstas, complete with colorful tracksuits, numerous gold chains, flat-brimmed lids cocked to the side or on backward, and sporting expensive sneakers that would have been the envy of every hoodlum in da ‘hood — had these […]

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Belgian Waffling

Those stalwart Belgian prelates have really done it. Actually, they only have kind of done it. Who likes a half-baked waffle anyway?

Their patriarchal minds are still half-closed. Pity.

Although we all appreciate their attempt at blessing same-sex unions, one is forced to ask, “why should blessings be confined to them?” in other words, why blessings only for sodomites but not for everyone? After all, we all […]

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An Exorcist Goes to the Movies

What better way to inaugurate a blog than to have a guest writer? Per his request, he shall remain anonymous.

Coming home from the office after a hard day’s work presents several possible scenarios for the today’s modern exorcist (henceforth known as TME):

Tune up the cello and saw off an homage to Johann Sebastian B.;

Uncase the ukulele and sing a verse of “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” […]

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